Module Brief

Task 1 
Give a 10 minute presentation, based on research into two alternative career paths in Animation or associated careers within the Animation Industries. This presentation must:
  • be a comparative evaluation of these two chosen career options
  • include interviews with people in those careers
Task 2
You are to create a body of work that includes:
  • a professional CV
  • a covering letter addressed to an existing company
  • a business card with your contact details and web address. This should contain a logo or ident that best describes you and what you do as a freelance practitioner and should be applied to all relevant materials i.e. letter heads, website or blog.
  • a report out lining your career aims as a five year plan of how you intend to achieve these aims
  • a professional website or blog
Professional CV and Covering Letter are for most parts the first formal contact you will have with your potential employers. It is therefore important to get this process right. Having a correct template of information often helps with this process. However researching the company and the employer often pays much higher dividends. Understanding the company, their aims, aspirations, and projects it has been involved in, and knowing as much as you can about the key people involved is essential in formulating a successful CV and covering letter. The above sets of information will aid you to re-craft your CV to bring forth the key skills a particular employer will be looking for. Knowing the company and its people will also aid writing a bespoke Covering Letter highlighting why you are the right candidate for the position.

Therefore, you are to research into drafting CVs and writing covering letters before attempting to write your own. When writing a covering letter it is expected that the letter is addressed to a real person within an existing organisation

Ident and Logos are to be submitted through their use on your Business Cards,  CV and Covering Letter as letterheads. While most will find this process at this stage of career a little unnecessary the processes involved are important in self promotion. You yourselves do not have to engage with the design of your logo and could ask a graphic design student to design it for you. However, if you engage a designer you are responsible for directing the designer and you would be expected to set a brief before either producing the graphics yourself or farming it out to a third person. 

Five Year Plan: This should take the following structure:
  • Current Situation
  • Ideal Situation
  • Steps to Success
  • Skills Audit - beginner, intermediate, advanced
  • SWOT - Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
Also... is particularly useful when thinking about writing your 5 year plan especially the real life stories section

Professional Website or Blog
Your website should communicate who you are and what you do clearly and show case you portfolio of images and animation showreel in the best possible light. 

Task 3
Your showreel should aim to highlight your best work, in a professional manner.
What constitutes a good showreel? What constitutes a bad showreel? Why?

Submission Materials and Dates

Task 1 30% 
Due Semester 1 Week 9 29/11/17                

Task 2 30%
CV, Cover letter, Business Cards, 5 Year Plan (SWOT analysis), Website or Blog:
Due Semester 2 Week 10 18/04/18.

Task 3 40%
Due Semester 2 Week 13 11/05/18.

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